Monday, March 10, 2014

Self-Publishing Questions

I don't have an author interview thing morning...long story, so I thought it would be a good idea to speak a little about self-publishing. For many, self-publishing is a frightening prospect, and, dare I say, one that a few are still avoiding, for one or more of the following reasons:

*Self-published books just don't look as professional as those coming out of the national publishing organizations.

While this was once true, it is simply amazing what we authors have discovered about putting together a great cover just by looking at those that are already out there and either doing the cover ourselves or hiring the job out to another.

*Self-published books are for those authors who can't publish the traditional route.

While this used to be the case, many authors now opt in for self-publishing because they: 1. Make more money on their own; up to 70 percent with Amazon CreateSpace, 2. Control their book's cover, interior, back cover 3. Are tired of waiting for their book to be published, editing changes they don't really approve of, etc.

*Self-published books are not easy to get into libraries or bookstores

While this is still pretty much the case, authors have found that they get the word out and sell more copies of their books on their own through book parties, school appearances, craft shows, writer's groups, etc., thoughts of their books sitting on a shelf somewhere collecting dust lacks the appeal it once had.

*Self-publishing your book costs a lot of money.

Use to be an author had to purchase a thousand copies of their book or more just to get their book out there. Now, with places such as CreateSpace through Amazon, authors can buy their books when they want to and when they can afford them; such are the joys of print on demand.

*Self-publishing is harder than going the traditional route because I don't know how to design a cover, do interior layout, etc.

Some authors don't want to learn  how to create an actual book from scratch (because of time restraints or lack of interest). If this is the case with you, consider hiring a book packager like Idea Creations Press, to help you with those areas in which you feel lacking.

Self publishing doesn't have to be a difficult feat and brings many writers to a happy place where the waiting time is significantly diminished and the rewards are both financially and emotionally rewarding.

Why not take the leap?

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