Thursday, March 20, 2014

SHOUT IT OUT! What you can do to promote your writing without being obnoxious

There's no reason to be quiet about the book you've recently published, though many authors are afraid to toot their own horn.

For many years I had my husband do it for me, but I think, in reality, he was preparing me for the future and the time when I could toot my own horn.

The day has come.

And although I readily admit that not everyone is comfortable with my new-found courage, most are happy for me and are eager to listen and to share with others what they like about my work.

Hear me now. It doesn't have to be a vain thing to talk about your work; just watch the body language of the person you are speaking to, sense that feeling you get when you are speaking with someone and they are with you (or not) and speak accordingly. It does you no good to speak against a brick wall. Just find another topic of conversation.

Here are some things I do to shout about my book in a pleasant way, keeping in mind that most people are anxious to hear about what I do; as anxious as I am to hear about what they do:

Never Leave Home Without It. Postcards. Carry them in your purse or briefcase, but carry them! You never know when you'll have an opportunity to speak about your book to someone else. Why not leave them with a fond memory of your discussion?

Be Open, Always Open. Have you ever been so busy in your life that you've entirely forgotten the people around you? I know I have, and this is usually when I've packed my day so tightly it's all I can do to breathe! If you're open to conversation, if you slow down enough to make room for it, amazing things will happen!

Take a Friend to Lunch. Is there someone you easily connect with? Do you want to get to know a fan or potential fan better? Take them out to eat. No sales pressure, please. There are always opportunities that spring up during a lunch conversation to talk more about your work without getting pushy.

Visit the Library. Tell others to visit the library if they're wanting your book. Especially if your book is self-published, in order for your book to be on library shelves, readers have to want it to be there. If enough readers suggest your book as a title for library shelves it will be ordered and placed there. While you're in the library offer a free writing class. You may or may not be able to sell your books on site, but you will be able to pass out your postcards and get readers talking about your books.

Shouting it out doesn't mean you turn into an obnoxious beast; what it does mean is that you let fear out the window, and instead, develop the courage to speak up when it would be easier to remain silent.


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