Monday, March 31, 2014

Highlights of the Write Here in Ephraim Conference

For those of you who missed out on the Write Here in Ephraim Conference, you really missed out!

Some great classes were presented, some great prizes given out; we even had a terrific bookstore!

Here are just a few of the insights I gleaned:

From Chas Hathaway:

Be true to your life instead of working so hard.
Have the courage to express your feelings.
Stay in touch with friends.
Let yourself be happier.

Do you crave chocolate? Well, craving ANYTHING is a choice. Choose not to crave and you will be living in God's grace, His enabling power to move you forward.

From Dene Lowe:

Do you have to print your picture book? Consider apps on your phone or tablet that tells the story. Offer a book with a game.

I am going to check out the option of Sheridan Press; I currently use CreateSpace for my printing needs.

Set up a writer's retreat.

Consider sending one chapter a week to your online readers if they subscribe. If you get enough subscriptions, you will be able to publish your book in hardback.

I am also checking out Project Gutenberg. They offer FREE classic eBooks.


I will be speaking at the League of Utah Writer's Conference in September. Check back to learn more about this conference!


  1. what are you speaking on at LUW conference. I won't be going this year but good for you!

  2. Marketing Your Book on a Budget. It's turned into a pretty sought after class. Will miss seeing you.


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