Friday, April 25, 2014

Conquering Your Goliaths

Isn't it amazing how easy it is to lose our focus because we're busy doing something else?

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Just yesterday I taught a class on Conquering Your Goliaths. The main concern of my class was that it was so easy to get distracted. Not a group of writers, they yet found that their lives could be easily swayed by the immediate task at hand rather than what was truly important.

And, again, we all do that.

One of the things I do to curb my wandering is to make a list in the morning of those things I'd like to accomplish. I cross the items off when they're finished, and if something isn't done, I add it to the list for the next day. Another thing I do is calendar everything. I need to know when my author and character interviews are, when I'm heading to the next conference, when the doctor's appointment is, etc. And no, I haven't yet converted my thoughts to my cellphone calendar.

I suppose I'm old school.

But having said that, I think that the most important thing about writing things down is the ease for which you remember. That is, if you remember to look at your calendar.

One of my daughter's doesn't. She's tried writing things down once, only to find that she didn't look at the calendar again. So maybe something else is needed for her.

All I know that in order to conquering many of my goliaths, I need to know the direction I am moving. I need to see clearly on paper what it is that's important to me for that day, not neglecting those things of highest importance that probably have nothing to do with cleaning my house.

Things like:
Time with husband, children and grandchildren
Time to read and meditate
Time to reach out to a friend

Conquering any goliath is not an easy feat. Consider David. He was small, young and inexperienced in the ways of the world. But he knew God and listened to him.

And that's really the first stepping stone.

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