Monday, April 28, 2014

Snow? Sleet? Rain? Consistency in Writing

Do you go back and cut
what doesn't work?

I just looked out my office window. Looks like snow, or at least, snow mixed with rain.


I was looking forward to working in the yard.


It just stopped!

No kidding!

So funny.

I guess it's spring. One moment it's warm, the next the sky is pretending it's going to return to winter. And in the next second, we're back to spring again.

I love spring. But I also like consistency. The sort of consistency I hope to portray in the books I write. I don't want readers to be too clueless; especially at the end of the book where I hope to resolve most, if not all of the issues.

I don't want my readers putting down my book and saying to themselves, "Well it looked like a good one, but the ending was entirely wrong."

Kind of like a cooler than average spring day turned winter.

Think about your own work. Is your ending satisfying to the reader? It may be satisfying to you, but you may not know how others perceive it, or your characters perhaps, or the setting you have chosen, unless you get into the heart and soul of the matter and ask your readers (before your book is published, of course) following suit with those significant changes.

That means research. It means getting into the heads and hearts of your characters. It's about feeling as they would feel and doing as they would do as you write about them. It's making every scene three dimensional, like a movie, like the best play you've ever set your eyes on.

Here's to your best work!


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