Friday, April 18, 2014

Surprise! Top 5 Posts in March 2014

I've done this before, sort of given you a run-down of top posts. And I think it's good, especially if you've missed my daily posts and are just hunkering to read the best ones.

This time around I wanted to focus on a month time period. I wanted to see what readers were reading in this short time frame and see if I could come up with some reasoning for the favorites.

Here they are. Surprisingly, most were in the same topic arena. If this doesn't surprise you, it did me, and confirmed that I'll be continuing author interviews because readers and writers alike continue to enjoy them.


#1 Lorraine Carey
#2 Cindy Hogan
#3 David Belt
#4 Mikey Brooks
#5 Nancy Kyme

The only blog post that didn't fit into the above category was my post entitled, SHOUT IT OUT! What you can do to promote your writing without being obnoxious. It tied at #3 with David Belt and can be found here.

Part of the reason for the higher ranking top posts I think is the simple sharing of it. Not only do I share these posts, the writers themselves share them, so my readership doubles, and often, triples.

I also think that readers and writers enjoy reading posts that help them in their own writing. They also like to learn more about the writers they read.

Two of the five authors were also a part of the Write Here in Ephraim Conference, and that additional tag might have helped them in place standings #3 and #4, though it's interesting to me that in places #1 and #2, the tag of the conference didn't seem to be needed.

My findings:

Author signings in general bring in more readers if the author is also willing to promote along with me.
Strange titles, like SHOUT IT OUT! What you can do to promote your writing without being obnoxious, continue to garner in readers, simply because they stand out. The subject itself probably didn't hurt either.

Try this on your own posts. Find out what is being read and move forward with similar posts to keep your readership happy.

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