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Tell me about yourself. What got you started in writing?

Hi, I live in the beautiful state of Alaska with my family where the spirits of animals and men roam free. I am married to a wonderful man and we have three children. We used to foster girls which brought us lots of joy. I am currently a full-time college student and I write inspirational poetry. I have published two books so far.

Titles are: 

Both are books of poetry with Bible verses sprinkled within.
They can be found on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

I am able, through the help of The Holy Spirit, to write about the beauty and simplicity of life. Through words I want to reveal the beauty of Christ to the broken and lost spirits of humanity. Through pouring out my heart and tears and trying to be transparent I want to encourage people to see we are in this together.

I enjoy reading, writing, blogging, walking, family, social networking, scrap booking and photography.

I started out in a military family. My dad joined the Air Force when I was little so the world has been my playground. It is where I learned to get along with other people and accept myself. 

I am very comfortable with books and pens and paper. I sometimes feel like I was born with a pencil in my hand. I started writing at six years old and it has just expanded from there. I have never passed a library or used bookstore that I haven't liked. As you can tell I am very chatty about my life, books and writing. 

I am a Christian lady who comes from a Christian background and family. I came to know the Lord on a personal level when I was 17 years old. Since then I have been on a quest to learn more about Him and myself. On my journey I have come to realize my purpose in life is to write what is on God's heart and encourage the broken and lost souls of humanity with it. 

Here are two quotes I think sum up my writing life:

"I am a little pencil in the hand of writing God who is sending out a love letter to the world."
Mother Teresa

"Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart."
William Wordsworth

I started reading Danielle Steele's books and fell in love with her. I already enjoyed writing so I decided I wanted to see my words in print. 

How and where do you write? Do you prefer a laptop or do you prefer writing freehand?

I tend to write in my bedroom and a lot of times it tends to be  during the night. But as long as I have paper and a pen I can write anywhere. I prefer to write freehand and then go to the computer and type it up.

What is your favorite part about writing? What is your least favorite part of about writing?

Having a clean piece of paper and being able to put your thoughts down on it. My least favorite part is the editing/business part.

What type of marketing do you do to promote your writing?

I use word of mouth and social networking. I also have two blogs which I write. I also enlist the help of friends and family.

How do you schedule your writing time? When do you write?

I do not schedule it. I try to make sure that I always have some paper and a pen around. I generally write at night.

Inspirations from Heaven's Gate

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on my third book of poetry.

Do you have a project on the back burner?

I have two projects I am working on. One is a book on Asperger's about how it has and is affecting my family and the other one is a book about our move to Alaska.

What would you tell a beginning writer who wants to publish but does not believe he/she has enough talent?

First, write about the subject that is on your heart. The thing you are passionate about. Write, write and keep writing. The more you write the better you get. Also read a lot. Read books about writing and the writing life. Read blogs about writing. Invest in a good dictionary etc. In other words do research. If you can, join a writing group. 

Thank you Lisa!

Learn more about Lisa here: 

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