Thursday, April 10, 2014

In the Back Seat Looking Out

I like to be in control, don't you?

It's sort of like being the boss of your life.

But what if you weren't the boss of your life, and did better taking instructions from someone who knew better? What if you could actually have a better life that way?

You know, I often forget about God. Not that I don't love him. Not that I don't know for sure that he knows more than I do. It's just that...well, I like to feel as if I'm in control of my own life. As if what I think to do really matters over possibly what he wants me to do.

Do you ever feel like that?

Another related thought: when it comes to writing, do you feel as if you're in the back seat looking out, though what you think you really want to be doing is taking a seat behind the driver's wheel?

Today I watched a segment following the news about planning a fun fairy party with the girls in your family. The party consisted of tiny food, wing wearing, 'tiny fairy items' gathering, and memories. I thought, "Wow, that is so cute and so well thought out!"

Today my grand-daughter wanted to go out to lunch. She is always thinking of ways and means to take us out of the house to do something spectacular. She's also asked me on occasion to go to the gas station and get a treat. Go to the park and play. Have a picnic in the backyard with her tea set.

The last time she picnicked it was with grandpa. You should have seen them sitting together on the small umbrella covered table. Tiny plates, spoons and forks sat in front of them, along with tiny pieces of bread and crackers and a drink of water in a little cup about the size of someones pinky finger. It was a tea party to remember, even though I could tell my husband wasn't real comfortable on the tiny chair.

Still, it was a little like letting our grand-daughter drive, and I think it was worth it. Not only for my grand-daughter but for my husband and the memories they made together.

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