Thursday, April 3, 2014

Light Bulb Moments and Other Amazing Things

This morning I was exercising when the power went out. I put away my exercising stuff, took my grand-daughter to preschool, (she'd missed almost an entire week because her mother thought she was on Spring Break) returned home, showered, dressed, took my vitamins and began to think about breakfast.

I couldn't use the stove for oatmeal and so was limited to cold cereal. As the day wore on, I realized I couldn't use the computer, so I decided to read. My arms got cold, so I put on a jacket, followed by my feet with socks.

I was glad it wasn't snowing but would have preferred a nice spring day instead of the aftereffects of the few days previous.

But perhaps I should backtrack a bit.

The night before my daughter dropped a knife into the top of her right foot. I cancelled today's morning appointment and took her to the ER at 11 p.m. We were there an hour, amazingly. Only two stitches, a minor cut. Amazingly, the doctor was funny, sort of a doctor/slash comedian. He made the visit more than bearable.

I decided to work on the curling rugs in my living room this morning. You know how they curl after folks have walked across them for a bit...I was putting the sticky tape on the backs so that the rugs would lie flat when my cat leaped across the front of the couch, claws out. Yes, it's a new couch. Does anyone know how to fix holes in leather?

Needless to say, I've decided to ban Sweety Pie (imagine that) from the living room.

Right before it was time to pick up the preschooler, I was feeling pretty sick and tired of the cold house. My toes were even cold underneath my socks. I walked into the kitchen and said, "Boy it's cold," when suddenly the lights clicked on.

All I could do was stand there, amazed.

I returned home from picking up the preschooler and it was time for lunch. I no longer wanted something warm, the home was heating up nicely, but it was time for some R and R. I turned on the television and sat down with my lunch.

No sound!

Amazing. And no, I have no idea how to get the sound to work so I'll have to wait until my guru of an electronic husband returns home from work.

So what am I doing now? Sitting here, trying to make sense of the last few hours. After that?

I think I'll take a nap.

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