Friday, June 13, 2014

Book Club Presentations that Rock

As an author, it's easy to take the casual approach to book club meetings, after all, you're probably sitting around in a circle in the living room or kitchen. You may or may not be standing, and those sitting around you know one another and because of that it might be hard to gain the attention you need.

You've probably heard of book club presentations; what you may not have heard of is book club presentations that others will remember.


This is what I've discovered works for me at book club presentations:

1. Smile. There is nothing worse than a too serious writer.
2. Introduce yourself briefly. I bring along my published books and speak about my writing as I pass each book around the circle to give readers a closer view of what I've done.
3. Begin with a question. It can be related to the book that has been read by the group or a question that has to do with reading your particular genre.
4. Keep the presentation light and open to questions. Use a hand-out, so the group can follow along. Since I expect that all those attending have already read my book, I delve into questions that relate to the book's characters, setting, and plot and take the readers beyond the actual story to deeper values such as symbolism.
5. Sometime during your presentation, give away a free gift. This might be a postcard with the information about your book on it, it may be a book mark, it might even be a small gift that you've purchased that goes along with the theme of your book. (For Conquering Your Goliaths: A Parable of the Five Stones, I give away a cellophane bag of 5 labelled stones).
6. Be ready for some sales! Most of those attending will have already purchased your book beforehand, but there will always be readers in attendance who will be excited to read your new book now that they've heard a little about it.

In the end, book club presentations are a great way to now only share what you have accomplished, but allow for some great discussion and the development of new friendships!

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