Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Marketing When You Don't Want To


To be honest, right now I'm in a lull even though I need to be marketing my new release Sunny Side-Up to be released in September.

I don't know what it is, but sometimes, a very real breather is needed before I can tackle marketing with all of its management all over again.

Is a four month reprieve long enough to get back on my weary feet?

Going over my records I've been tapering off of marketing, sort of like the tapering off of watering my lawn even though burn spots are multiplying. But I almost can't help myself.

If you're a writer yourself, you probably understand.

Marketing is one of those things a writer must do, but that doesn't make it easy. Sometimes, we just wish that our book would market itself. But not even celebrities can do that. Someone must market in order for others to know the book exists.

Why does it have to be me?

Why should it be anyone but me?

Funny, I just realized I've been marketing the last few minutes and it wasn't hard at all. Sure, I've spent a few minutes writing out this blog post, but the journey has been fun and well worth the effort.

Like all marketing can be.

I wish you success in yours.


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  1. I HATE marketing but today I read some poems from my latest book and showed it to our poetry group's party and realized I was marketing...lol! Didn't sell any books but got some encouraging compliments!


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