Monday, June 2, 2014

Positive Attitude Attracts Like Readers or How to Have a Successful Book Signing

The other day I heard this quote:

"I want to match what I'm going to meet."

I like it. And I agree with it. Not only because I believe those I connect with in life are living lives with similar goals to my own, but that people in general, who connect with me, may just decide they love what I write even if they haven't read any of my work yet.

How do I know this?

I have experienced the change that happens when the potential reader and I connect. It's like, suddenly, we've been friends for years.

Granted my positive attitude helps. I know that what I have to share is worthwhile and it reflects in what I say; what I share. My positive attitude shows not only in my voice; my tone, but in my presentation itself. I NEVER sit behind a table, hoping someone will walk up to me and begin a conversation. I stand in front of the table. I pass out postcards. I smile. I talk to people.

Sure, it may be that the person is broke, strapped for time, or simply doesn't want to try out a new book no matter how good the book looks, or how wonderfully you've connected with them, but be assured they will remember you, and when the time is right for them, they will buy your book.

Readers are just like you, with the same hangups, the same challenges, the same joys. If your attitude on the day of your next book signing is less than positive, expect that you will also meet like individuals who may not be intent on getting your next "positive"  Christian novel.

Remember, if you're more intent on "selling books," and less intent on "connecting with new readers" you may sell very little anyway, because people can sniff out snake oil salesmen from miles away.

Sure, your book has to be good, but it also have to fill a niche for your potential readers. That's why it's so important to be positive about your work, and to take the initiative to connect, rather than expecting others to do it for you.

If that means you need to change your attitude, you simply must do it.

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