Thursday, June 5, 2014

Guest Post Marketing

One of the best ways I know of to market is to find blogs that are eager to post your guest post. It really isn't enough to write your own posts on your own blog, it's important to share your knowledge and experience with others outside your own world.

I usually write up guest posts that reflect on some aspect of marketing. But I have also created posts on writing and publishing. I have also shared some of my thoughts on the process of writing, and how life fits in to my writing career or the other way around.

A big thing that guest posting does is allow readers of the particular blog to follow you on your blog as well as locate your books. You may get some new readership on your own blog and maybe even some sales.

Though it is very difficult to track sales when it comes to guest blog writing, there are many things I have noticed when it has come to interest. You know you are moving forward when:

1. You get a few responses for your guest post and are able to connect with any or all of those who've responded to your guest post.

2. When your numbers on your own blog increase the day or the day following your guest blog post.

3. The person in charge of the blog in which you are guest writing, invites you to post something else because his/her readership has increased.

It's important to remember that whatever you do to promote your work will rank higher and lower on your search engine depending on the current interest of the readership on that particular blog. But that doesn't mean you should search out only highly read blogs.

4. Writing a guest post for any blog will open the doors to a trade. Why not ask the blog owner if he/she is interested in writing for your blog, enlarging your new friendship and increasing both of your readerships?

Guest post marketing is a little like playing in the ocean. You spend some time playing in the sand, collecting shells and cooling off in the water. Then you return home. The responses and other perks received from your guest blog are a little like the photos you look at from your visit to the ocean to remind you of your great time away.



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