Wednesday, June 4, 2014

So You're Sidetracked Are You?

Okay, so today's post connects a little with yesterday's.

I am almost ready to market Sunny Side-Up (takes a deep breath). But until I do, here's a little push to get beyond other sidetracked issues. Maybe more for me than for you...

Write every day. I usually do my blog, but I need to work on a current project for at least two hours. Actually, I need to write more than two hours a day.

Are you gardening like a fool like I am? I simply LOVE gardening, but I seem to be squeaking in the writing time rather than the gardening. Hmmmm.

Do you say to yourself, I'll write when ____________________________. (You fill in the blank). I've almost curbed this one unless it's, of course, gardening... :)

Editing, for most writers, is their least favorite thing to do. It usually takes first place even over research. With that said, if today if the day to get your work out and read over it again, do it. If it's time to get your work to an editor, do it!

Getting sidetracked is a bit like getting side-trapped. You know, when your sprinklers are on and you need to get around them to dump the garbage. But I know you can do it.

Yep. I know it.

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