Monday, September 22, 2014

AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Charles Thornton

Tell me a about yourself. What got you started in writing? 

I was working as a nurse and my co-workers would come over to the area where I was working and a group of us would talk about several of topics. It was much like The View or Talk on T.V. One day I said we should all write a book because we all have opinions that other people would love to hear. They declined on writing a book, but I didn't.

That year I wrote a horrible book called “Nursing Love”. It was a relationship book. I dedicated it to my wife. I sold each one by hand over a period of time. It was years ago before all of this new technology.

How and where do you write? Do you prefer a laptop or do you prefer writing freehand?  

I prefer the laptop. Although I will write notes and crumble them into my pockets for later use.

What's your favorite part about writing? Your least favorite part about writing?  

Writing is a time consuming process and I feel that I have a little amount of time. So, I always feel rushed when I write. But I enjoy getting it out and having the satisfaction of having a completed work.

How do you come up with your characters? Why would readers want to get to know them?  

The characters that I make are real life characters, that are always placed into a horrible situation or paradigm. I think people can relate to them because they have experienced what I am writing about and want a resolution or answer that can explain something in their own lives.

What types of marketing do you do to promote your writing? 

I write an e-book then I collaborate with a narrator and convert it to an audio book to make a synergistic effect. I also am on Facebook groups and Google + communities.

How do you schedule your writing time? When do you write? 

I write at anytime that an idea comes to mind and will continually work on it in between life. I have a family of professionals and children with activities.

Do you have a project on the back burner? Tell me about it.  

I am creating an e-book and audiobook magazine ( which will focus on authors and narrators.  

My main focus is to show listeners and readers that may not know theses authors and expand their community by giving them a different platform to promote and discuss their works. The e-magazine will also share information like best practices or tips on writing and narrating.

What would you tell a beginning writer who wants to publish but doesn't believe he/she has enough talent? 

Everyone starts at the beginning; everyone has a voice and everyone an opinion.  So 
just write.

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