Thursday, November 17, 2011

Continuous Learning

I think it's important to learn new things; not only for yourself, but to help you in your relationships with others. Knowledge what my body is really doing has usually in my life outweighed my fears of finding out. Confronting my fears and seeking out knowledge does more for me than pretending that the "potential" problem doesn't exist.

I know a few folks who would rather pretend all is wine and roses rather than accept the reality that is. I know of others that live in the muck "that is" and never venture beyond the sand pile. The trick I think is to find that spot somewhere in the middle, where reality is in existence and the light is shining overhead.

Grandpa and Bekah learn about Photography

Continuous learning is about seeing the tough stuff in our own lives; it's about reaching out our hand at the public library, and seeking out that book. It's about filling our minds and hearts with the goodness that is out there and having the wisdom to see the bad for what it is. An opportunity to see what we want to do with our own life.

Continuous learning is about change. It is seeking for truth, and when found, discarding the old stuff. It's about dreaming and hoping and cheering when someone we love meets their milestone and has the courage to go even further.

Continuous learning is about us. It's about looking in and looking out at all there is to life and having the courage to write it all. It's about faith. It's about work. It's about returning home with a newfound desire to make every moment count.

Continous learning has to do with what you learn today, and what you learn tomorrow. It's about never giving up when times get tough. It's standing ready when a friend needs you and dropping everything else. It's standing true to your spouse when it would be far easier not to. It's staying in the game.

Continuous learning helps a good writer to be a great writer. And what writer doesn't want that?

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