Monday, November 21, 2011

Writing Right

Not everything you're going to write will be liked; in fact, sometimes I write things, think I like them, go back to edit, and trash the whole thing!

I save the "thing" of course, but sometimes many years go by before I take a peek and decide to continue with the project.

I often tell my clients that timing is everything. Just because you've written something marvelous, doesn't mean others will see it as marvelous. While it's important to write what you're passionate about, it's not always the most appropriate time to sell it. And this is not always because the idea or your writing is "bad," but more than likely, that the suject matter itself needed some time to gell before other folks got excited about it.

My sisters and I take some time off--sister on the left is a dancer, on the right, a writer
Ten years ago I wrote a short book on drawing closer to the Lord at Christmas. For many reasons, the timing wasn't right. This year I'm going to try it on this blog, so come back and take a peek. You will see the first idea on December 1st. If you're already a journal keeper, you will find the spiritual ideas that I present an extension of what you're already doing; if you haven't picked up a journal in years, you may find that my journal ideas will get you going again.

Writing Right means you hold off until the time is right. You put away that novel for another time, you share that poem with close friends only, you keep that story in your heart.

The best news? When the time comes to share it, you'll know.

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