Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Time waits for no Woman (or man)

Prior to this day I have been less than a terrific blogger. Let’s just say that “life” as I know it got in the way, and blogging, shall we say, was at the bottom of my list.
I was busy mentoring, cleaning, errand running, writing my newest book, and many of the other things that transpire in a given day for a writer. But I was forgetting you.

I read blogs myself, and I love that I can glean ideas from other writers who are struggling to make successful the sorts of things I am. Gleaning ideas is really the only way any of us writers have anything to write about in the first place even if we don’t always get our ideas from a blog.

Your husband might be sick for an entire week, like mine was from a diabetic seizure, and it’s all you can do to take care of him. You may find yourself struggling to provide the money necessary for that next mortgage payment or finding time for your grandchildren. You may wonder when “your time” will come, when you will have time to write and to get on with your life.

What I love about my life is that it is mixed in with other’s lives. I am not an island. I don’t stand alone. My best writing comes from my experiences, as well as who I am, and the way I choose to live. And spending time doing the most important things in life, whether it’s writing the next blog or experiencing the next outing with my grandchildren, is what life is truly all about.

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