Saturday, November 26, 2011

Publishing a Christmas Book

If you're thinking about writing a Christmas book, now is the time, for next year's crop.

Unfortunately, Christmas books are looked at mid-year or sooner by publishers and if you're just starting on your book now, better plan for a release next year at the earliest. Many book publishers want your book near the first of the year, in spring at the latest--and that's if you can glean some interest--a tough cookie in this tough market. The good news is that if you plan to self publish your book before next Christmas, and your ideas are already pumping, you can use most of the year to write your book and plan out your marketing strategy.

Here's some suggestions to keep all your reindeer's or (book plans) in a manageable line:
My granddaughter makes some time for coloring fun
  • This time of year, more than ever, you need to plan your writing time. It's easy to get focused on parties, gift buying and decorating and forget about your book. 
  • Get up early. It's amazing what can be accomplished with just one hour a day of writing time.
  • Keep your Christmas book short; around 150 pages or so. Folks will spend even less time reading a Christmas book than at other times of the year. 
  • Make it inspirational or fun. Few people want the heavy, dark stuff at Christmas, unless it's a fun, cozy-centered Christmas mystery. Making your book light to carry as well as light on the eyes and heart will give you high marks.
  • Set a date for your work to be finished. Mark out first and second draft times leading up to your final draft.
  • Get some readers/writers to critique your work. Folks not in your immediate family are best.
  • Study up on marketing techniques while your book is being read, or get some help from an expert. Even if your book is great, marketing makes up for about 90% of your sales.
  • Don't be afraid to publish your own work. and their imprint CreateSpace will give you the help you need to publish your book with little or no out of pocket cost.

Don't forget to have some fun during your book writing and take the necessary breaks needed; even Santa makes some time to put his feet up.

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