Saturday, November 12, 2011

When Life Throws you Lemons...

...throw them back!

I woke up this morning intent on doing some reading to better improve my life; instead I got a babysitting opportunity. I'd planned on sitting back and relaxing today, doing what I wanted to do instead of what was usually expected of me.

And a lemon hit me right in the face.

Instead of throwing it back, getting rid of it, and just accepting what was, I held on to it and sucked all of its royal juices out. Boy was I mad! Didn't I deserve a little time to myself? Didn't I deserve a little respite from the work of life?

Some hours later I've decided to throw the lemon back and get to work. Sure, I can still read with some interruptions, and I can still write, but I need to make room for last minute changes. You know the kind.

You were going out to lunch with friends but your car broke down. You were intent on finishing your novel--today--but your youngest got sick. You were more than ready for that new assignment given to you by the PTA but, instead, you are working on getting the plumbing restored.

My advice? Make sure that you're one of those folks that doesn't hold onto lemons. If you have to make lemonade out of it, go for it. If you'd just rather throw them all back, feel free to do so.

Take it from me. There's something to be said for starting again--fresh.

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