Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Marketing for the Self-Professed Shy Person

So, you've written a novel, had it published, and now comes the really hard part--talking about it.

When it's hard enough to talk to your family about your book, you may just want to check yourself into the 'shy' category of authorship, though you should never be afraid to move forward anyway.

I find that the best beginning ways to market myself come in the form of props and non-speaking ventures. Instead of getting anxious over a radio or television interview, consider what a book postcard would do for you or an online interview that is typed up and displayed on a reviewer site.

It's already a given that you're great at writing so keep writing! Here are some ideas:

  • Begin a new blog on writing. Share you insights about writing, publishing, or marketing with other readers.
  • Write what you know and share it with someone else. There are many folks out there that want guest bloggers. They may not pay, but they will share your words with their readers along with your bio and connection to your work.
  • Do an online interview. Locate blogs that focus on interviewing authors. When you find interest, fill out the questionnaire. Send it back and wait to see your interview! Most blog owners also ask for your author picture and book cover JPEG.
  • Purchase some book postcards. On one side have your book, on the other, a synopsis of your book and contact information. Pass them out whenever someone asks you what you do for a living. Leave them wherever you happen to go, whether it be the doctors or your favorite restaurant. 
  • Get connected on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Let your friends and family know that you've just published a book and where they can get it. Whenever you publish a blog or article for another site, let everyone know with a link to the spot.
  • The most important thing to remember: As you do these non-speaking things, you will get more daring. That doesn't mean you won't be afraid to have a radio interview or be on television, but you will have prepared yourself by doing these others things first.

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