Thursday, May 10, 2012

When at First You Don't Succeed

I am continually amazed at how difficult it is to market a book. Even a great idea can bring a roll of the eyes to someone who may not see YOUR vision.

I think it's interesting that when we think of marketing a book we usually think of book signings--as if that's all an author can do to let others know they have a new book out.

Photo by: jkirtan, courtesy of Flickr
For those of you who know me I really don't cater to the book signing mentality at a book store, and that's not because folks won't see me with my book there. It's because the idea is so overdone it's hardly exciting anymore.

Think about the last time you entered a book store only to discover a book signing from an author you'd never heard of before. The man or woman was was slicked behind a table and their eyes looked sort of glazed. There was no line, no seeming interest, just a stack of books with a bored writer sitting behind a table.

The last time this happened to me--and no, I wasn't behind the table but in front of it, I merely smiled and walked away. Knowing how this thing feels I should have at least spoken to the woman for a few minutes.

It's easy to get discouraged as a writer when we don't receive the interest we expect. That's why I like to try new things every day--ideas off the beaten track that others may not see as plausible ways to get the word out. But I'll try the new idea at least once.

It can't hurt.

(And I'm going to remember the lone book writer the next time I see him/her at a book signing). 

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