Saturday, May 26, 2012

Book Signing at Salon Revive!!

Okay, everyone! You may have heard how much I like Salon Revive here in Bountiful, but if not, come and see what it's all about TODAY!

How does Ms. Virgina Bean overcome her Goliath? 
How will YOU overcome YOUR Goliaths?
I will be signing my books, "Conquering Your Goliaths: A Parable of the Five Stones," "Conquering Your Goliaths: Guidebook" and "A River of Stones," on Saturday, June 2 from 11:00-2:00. Come and get a FINE haircut or a SPECTACULAR set of new nails, and while you're waiting, stop by my table for a SPLENDID  book chat. I'll have free bookmarks and free hand-labeled stones for everyone who stops by! Books (your choice) are only $10 a piece. And what a read!

Also, get a sneak peak at my next book, "Scrambled," a cozy mystery, coming out in January 2013.

I'll be at:

Salon Revive
505 S. Main St. Bountiful, Utah
(That cool, old-fashioned building on the corner is Salon Revive. Just park in the back or on the side of the building and walk down and around to the main entrance in front).
How does Samantha overcome her Goliath?
I look forward to meeting you, and spread the word!



  1. how EXCITING Kathy! I just barely got this! Darn. sorry I missed out! how did it go?:)

  2. I had a blast! Sold some books, talked to people about conquering their Goliaths. What could be better?


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