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Free Book Marketing

The reviews keep coming! Thank you everyone!

Great Marketing Resource! June 27, 2013
"Anyone looking to market their book will benefit from this book. There are great practical ideas on how to market without breaking the bank. Kathryn E. Jones has done a wonderful job of collecting useful actions an author can do to market his/her book and presenting these ideas in a logical, easy to read, organized book! A must for the determined author! Thanks, Kathryn!"

"Marketing Your Book on a Budget is a useful guide for the first-time author wandering about lost in the wilderness of promotions. Even the pros will find the information beneficial.
Kathryn has arranged the topics in a clear sequence that is easily followed and provided links to the relevant sites.
One can quickly refer to her condensed booklet without having to search through tons of material.
Highly recommended."
Nancy Janes, author

"This handy little market guide is a good investment for every writer who is new at marketing. The pages abound in doable plans presented in a format that is quick to read. Last year my 35th book was published so obviously I have some savvy when it comes to marketing. Still, Kathryn suggests a couple ideas that I hadn't thought of, but I intend to try soon.

When the author does her promised updates, I hope she will include posting reviews of the books one reads as a marketing tool. Those who read the reviews I've posted on Amazon know I am the author of SACKETS HARBOR POWDER MONKEY - THE WAR OF 1812 - a push for me and my most recent title. How's that for name recognition for me and my latest book?"

Short but Pithy--Must Have, May 7, 2013
Valerie W. Stasik
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Marketing Your Book On A Budget (Kindle Edition)

"These days, promotion is pretty much left up to the author, whether self-published or traditionally published, unless you're one of the big names. Jones provides us with some resources we can use right out of the gate, and most of them are free or low-cost opportunities. I first borrowed the book on Kindle, and then ordered it. I also gifted two copies to fellow authors. For the newbie who wonders 'Now what?' when it comes to promotion, this book is a life raft. Using the resources will save a lot of authors many sleepless nights. Help yourself to some peace of mind and order this book."
Author of Incidental Daughter

Lots of great marketing tips in this small book, May 4, 2013
Carol Ann (Claremore, Oklahoma) 
This review is from: Marketing Your Book On A Budget (Paperback)

"Marketing Your Book on a Budget," by Kathryn Elizabeth Jones, is small but full of wonderful inexpensive and free ideas to market your book. Although I have taken many webinars and workshops and read many books, this one gave me some new ideas that will be easy to implement in my book marketing plan. I don't think we can ever learn enough about marketing because it is constantly changing with the advent of social media. Jones does, however, address traditional marketing as well as social media marketing.

Although I have already been using some of these marketing techniques, I gained valuable knowledge that will definitely help me in the future. Every author will find this small book worth reading.

Carol Round, author of 'Journaling with Jesus: How to Draw Closer to God,' and the companion workbook, 'The 40-Day Challenge.'"
A great marketing guide, May 3, 2013
 Mike Nach
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Marketing Your Book On A Budget (Kindle Edition)

"Kathryn's book is a treasure trove of information for writers who are ignorant about how to market their books after they are published. After reading this book, I realized that you don't have to spend a lot of money to publicize your work.
So, if you want to know how and where to contact reviewers for your book; participate in interviews to publicize your book; have your blog site or write on other's blogs; market your work on the social media; free advertising..... then you gotta have this book!
I enjoyed reading this book."
Marketing Your Book On A Budget, April 28, 2013 Donna J. Thompson (Ohio USA) Amazon Verified PurchaseThis review is from: Marketing Your Book On A Budget (Paperback)

"Tiny book--big information for a beginner like me. Step by step, Kathryn Elizabeth Jones lays out plans to help an author get started. She gives the writer place after place where they can advertise their book for free. Free is good. She makes one realize how important it is to create a website and start to blog. This little gem is filled with ideas everyone who has written a book, or just thinking of writing a book can use. The greatest thing is, Jones makes the task ahead of the Author not seem so frightening or difficult as we first think."

I bought Marketing Your Book on a Budget written by Kathy Jones. It's packed with awesome ideas. Check out her business and what she can do for you at:
Cindy A. Christensen, author

"This little gem is a marketing must for authors. You'll find a golden nugget or two in every chapter. Plus links to sites that are sure to become favorites. A wealth of marketing ideas and resources in a nutshell!"
Bette A. Stevens, author

"GREAT book!
Everyone, I really believe we should all read Kathryn's book 'Marketing Your Book on a Budget'. Worth passing the information forward."
Gail E Dudley, author
"This book is a gem: It's concise, accessible and filled with specific links and concrete suggestions for you to market your book affordably and immediately."
Carolyn Campbell, author of three nationally-published books and 800 magazine articles.

Get the eBook for only $1.99 and the paperback for only $5.38 Plus, follow the instructions at the end of the book and receive all future eBooks FREE! 

Consider the benefits of an inexpensive book "jam packed with tips that will help you market your book"
Charlie Bray, author of Open House

Here's the link:

Consider using the book as a "marketing outline"
Michelle Renae Anderson, author of Shelby's Plan

Consider what YOU can do to market your book with little or no money!

In the process of updating this book, I neglected to add one resource I have personally used. If I'd remembered to place it, the information would have been included in the chapter, "Get Some Free Advertising." is a great site that promotes your book(s) for free, and puts you at the top of the list (you won't have to wait for your book's placement on the site behind other authors who beat you to the task) for only $10. I just sent in the information for my new book, above, and was able to include many links, including links to YouTube videos and a synopsis about my book. Your book cover is included on the site. In addition, promotes your work to various social networking outlets, and you don't pay a dime!

When the 2014 update of Marketing Your Book on a Budget comes out next year, be prepared for additions like this one!

Happy marketing!


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