Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Marketing Your Book With Less Stress

I don't know about you, but the idea of talking about my books to a crowd gets my heart pumping without even going there.

Still, I don't think a writer has to live in stress when marketing his/her book.

Take it from me, you really learn as you go, and expecting less than perfection is a good rule to follow.

When I began marketing my first book over 10 years ago I had no idea what to do. I went with a local publishing company but was expected to market my stuff at the drop of a hat. I did some research, and spent some time doing school presentations and book signings, but I really didn't understand, nor did I know what was possible when it came to marketing.

Official Release date: March 21
But for the last few years I've been learning. And let me just say that there is so much more to do now than there was then; and so many more opportunities for writers!

I mention many of these opportunities in my book that will be re-released on March 21. I talk about:

Blog reviews
Blogs, writing your own and guest blogging for others
Social Media
The importance of word of mouth
Speaking engagements
Free advertising
Book Signings (that are fun and worthwhile)
Postcard promotion

All of these I have implemented myself. I have tried these things. There is nothing in my book that I haven't tried and found to be successful, so I only include those things. And let me just tell you, I even have an easier time getting organized (less stress) because I actually have a book with everything together! Before that, I had papers all over the place, and I couldn't find anything!

Imagine that.

I am using the book right now as I put together this blog post, and you can use it, too, when you get out there marketing your book.

Two days to go!

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