Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Time is Now

I don't know about you, but time for writing often comes following cleaning the house. I hate my house being dirty, but sometimes I spend so much time cleaning that I don't get to my writing until about noon.

Photo by: Moyan Brenn, courtesy of Flickr
Take today for example. After I straightened the house, did the dishes, got my granddaughter situated with Sesame Street and snacks on a blanket, and then more snacks on a blanket, returned some emails, and worked on my Sunday School lesson (yes, I also teach adults every other Sunday) I looked at the clock.

11:38 it read.

So here I am. My granddaughter is calling for me.

"What do you need?" I ask.

"I need you to get some pretzels," she replies. She likes the pretzels in a special way; in the Ariel cup. Here I go...

I'm back. It's 11:40.

Photo by: Alan Cleaver, courtesy of Flickr
The time is now to write.

Do you ever feel as if writing can't come first, and if it does you're continually getting up and doing something else?

It's okay. I understand, and so do many other writers who are juggling children, chores, phone calls and door shopping, errands, sick children...

I just want you to know something. You can do it. The time is now even if you can't write straight through a sitting. The time is now. So get writing.

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