Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Writing by Sunlight

Amazing things happen when it's almost spring. I walk outside to find that the sun has actually come through the clouds and that the air is on the fair side of warm.

Photo by: Kitty Terwolbeck, courtesy of Flickr

What an amazing thing.

Today, after cleaning up the leaf filled porch, I kept the door to my office opened so that the breezes could make their way inside. I sat down and did some work but the work hardly seemed difficult today because of the bright sun.

Ever feel like that?

That somehow, with the extra light, the work becomes light too?

I saw new buds today, peeking out of the earth.
Photo by: geopungo, courtesy of Flickr

I could say that it's about time it started to warm up, but I'd rather focus on the beautiful day than smouldering on what was.

How about you?

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