Saturday, March 23, 2013

FREE Marketing Your Book on a Budget almost OVER!

"If you are ready to market your first book and don't have a lot of time to pour over manuals or money to spend on agencies and ads, then this is your quick guide. A short book that gets right to business. Kathryn gives many easy and cost effective tips, options and ideas toward your next steps. There are also some website links and additional resources when you are ready for more help. Even though I am on my third independently marketed book, I still found useful information and great ideas to incorporate in my marketing plan. Whether you need to be frugal or not, you will quickly gain at least one or two ideas for marketing your book that will work for you."
Saira Priest, author of "Zen of Hoarding"

Books are meant to be read, so why not read them when they come to you FREE?

Today is the last and final day to get my eBook, Marketing Your Book on a Budget 2013, for FREE. If you haven't picked up an e-copy of it yet, you'll want to do it right now.

Here's the link: Marketing Your Book on a Budget 2013.

"If you need a basic outline of how it is done or a refresher on how book marketing has changed, this is a great book. It's full of ideas and how to's. Even though I haven't implemented everything suggested yet, I greedily wish it was longer, because every page is gold"
Michelle Renea Anderson, author of Shelby's Plan 

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