Saturday, February 1, 2014


Winners have been randomly chosen! Check below to see if you're one of them. Both winners should have received a note from me about how to receive their prize. Thanks everyone!


I know folks are reading this post because the visitors have tripled. But...I need to hear from you. Afraid to share your poem or Valentine message? Don't be. Just share something. Anything. It can be the words, "Write Sweetly," or "Edit Always With Chocolate."

But please write. I want to have many, many entries to draw a winner from!

Here's what you do:

There are going to be some sweet things coming up this month to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Here's the first:

My Marketing Book, MarketingYour Book on a Budget will be given away to one lucky reader of my blog. That means if you send me a Valentine via your response to this blog post (starting Saturday, February 1 and ending on Valentine's Day), you will be entered in the drawing to be held on February 15. 

This drawing is part of The Inkslingers Sweet Retweet BlogHop.
inkslingers sweet retweet blog hop

Between February 10 and 14, another blog hop will be taking place:

The CIA Love is...Blog Hop. Get a second chance to win! Shoot that arrow! Enter again!

Just send me a second Valentine via your response and you'll be entered in the second contest that will end the evening of Valentine's Day. (I don't need an 'actual' Valentine, just some 'heartfelt' words that you'd write on a Valentine).

There's nothing better for any writer than FREE marketing ideas for whatever book they're ready to market. Join in the fun!

Enter to win this book!



  1. Hi Kathryn, your book will be one all authors need. Enjoy the giveaway!

  2. This is a great giveaway! Not sure how good I am at Valentines... but...
    If I was going to compose a Valentine it'd probably go something like this:

    Winter snow in February,
    Makes our frozen hearts most weary,
    But if you were mine, I wouldn't mind it,
    ...So say "Yes". Please now, Dearie.

    ;-) Corny, hm?

  3. Hi Kathryn!
    Title: Please Be Mine!

    My heart beat quickens as you draw near,
    pounding so loudly its sound you must hear!
    Averting my glance coyly, feeling you look my way,
    yearning for you to approach, but unsure of what to say.
    The scent of you makes my head spin,
    Your love is what I desire to win.
    Please choose me as your Valentine,
    Unite our hearts together until the end of time!

  4. Roses are red, violets are blue,
    This author's brain is busted...
    and I'd better not conclude!

    LOL-- How is it I can write funny poetry about horses bucking kids off, and not one sappy little love poem for Valentines? Such a quirky gift...

    I'm glad to see you're getting a lot of visitors for the blog hop! Do drop by! :-)

  5. Happy Valentine's Day! Great stop on the blog hop. Your book sounds great! I'd love to win a copy. :)


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