Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentine Prompts for the Truer than True Scrooge

I know you're out there; folks who don't quite "get" Valentine's Day. You might even be considered a Scrooge, though I'm well aware that the 'real' Scrooge had more of an affinity with Christmas.

Do any of these statements sound like you?

1. "I don't currently have a romantic interest" or "I'm just getting over a romantic interest and just don't want to think about Valentine's Day."
2. "I like to spoil my partner during the year and find it hard to dole out on Valentine's Day when it's 'expected.'"
3. "Valentine's Day is just a commercial set-up to get me to spend more money."
4. "I'm just not "gooshy." I show my love in different ways."

If you fit into any or all of the above categories, you may find yourself skipping out on the big day and filling it with something totally unrelated.

But what if I could pull you back, even just a little, with these Scrooge Valentine prompts?

1. Write a story about a romantic interest that has gone sour, and how better off one or both couples is. (See #4)
2. Write a story about a man who enjoys giving gifts to his significant Valentine, just not on Valentine's Day.
3. Do some research. Find out how Valentine's Day got started, and write a story reflecting this new found knowledge.

4. Write an un-romantic Valentine's story. Really? Yes, really. Perhaps it starts out in the direction of being a romantic story, but suddenly turns, finding the reader surprised and honored that all relationships don't work out, just as it should be. You could even try some comedy. Why did certain dates, whether you were "lined up" or not, not work for you?

Basically, have a bit of fun.

Here's the beginning of my story using prompt #2.

It wasn't fair, and he knew it. But what could he do? 

His new girl stood before him all glowing and all he wanted to do was escape, sort of like those prisoners he'd read about in "Last Man Standing."

But how could he do it? Why couldn't he just be himself and scatter the love when he felt like it?

She smiled at him. Her lips were a dark red today and he could almost taste them without leaning in.

Oh, she would hate him! 

It was Valentine's Day and what did he have for her? Nothing. Nothing.

"So?" she asked. The air was cool, but her arms looked warm underneath her heavy coat. The snow had not melted yet, probably wouldn't for another month or so, and all he could think about was warming his cold heart...

Let's see what you've got. Start your own story by responding to this post or see what I've got going here.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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