Thursday, February 27, 2014

Writing What You Love

Since we're at the tale end of February, and along with it Valentine's Day, I wanted to put in an arrow or two for writing what you love.

Years ago, when I first began writing, it appeared that I had to write certain genre's so that my career would take off. Romance was a big deal then, maybe even more so then than it is now; even westerns were peeking out from behind the covers.

But I didn't want to write romance and I didn't want to write westerns.

I wanted to write real life stuff, or at least, as real life as I could make it. I wanted to write a mainstream novel; something many would read.

Ultimately, I wanted my first book to be on the best-seller list, whatever best-seller list that was.

Now I know better.

It took some nudging, but after a few years I realized that I needed to write what I loved, and even, what I read. I also believed that I needed to write what I knew.

And though I still believe this last scenario to some extent, the writer in me is happy to go online to retrieve information not currently stored in my brain. And so, although my settings are either places where I've lived or places I've vacationed, I still do that needed research, as we all should if we want our book to be as authentic as possible.

Writing what you love is sort of like going on vacation anyway. You prepare all of the needed items like research, a computer, your brain flowing with ideas, an outline, and whatever else you believe you'll need, into the suitcase called "My New Novel," and get ready to move forward.

Have a glorious time!


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