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CHARACTER INTERVIEW: Emerson Ameilia McBride, from The Blue Velvet

Tell me a little about yourself (where you live, who you are, what you look like, what you hope to achieve, etc.)
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My name is Emerson Ameilia McBride, I am 14-years-old, and mom says I’m tall for my age.  I have long chestnut brown hair and bright blue eyes.  My author likes to say my eyes are sapphire blue but I’m happy with bright blue.  Now, here’s the big thing, I’m a time traveler.  Yeah, I know, you haven’t met too many time travelers and especially one who is 14.  I’m just as surprised as you are because I thought I was just an average teenager living in a small town in Pennsylvania.  What surprises me even more is that after my first trip I actually started to like it; that is once I got over being scared.  You see this was all just too crazy to believe it happened but it did.  I have this little brother, Adam, who gets me into trouble all the time.  And that’s how it all began, Adam and I were fighting and Mom sent me to clean the attic as punishment.  Yes, the dirty old attic!  Yuk!  I’m really not sure how it happened but before I knew it I was in a manor house in England with a bunch of strangers.  The really weird thing was, my grandpap was guiding me through my dreams.  If it hadn't been for him I really would have freaked.  As it turned out, I met some great people and some not so great people!  Most importantly I learned that I was braver than I thought and with Pap’s help I solved a mystery that had a great impact on my family.  I was really glad to get home but ya know, it happened again and the second time my best friend Sarah went with me.  Like the first time, I was a little scared and worried about Sarah but we ended up having a great time…well, except for a little trouble here and there and of course another mystery.  Sarah now calls me Nancy Drew to be funny.  It’s okay, I like Nancy Drew.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love to read!  My favorite book is Pride and Prejudice.

What is your favorite color and why?

White. I know white is not supposed to be a color but I never did get that absence of color stuff.  I love clouds, snowflakes, white horses, and white dresses.  White to me is elegant and limitless.

What is your favorite food? Why is it your favorite?

Pizza. Pizza. Pizza.  I love everything about it.  The taste is great but it always goes along with fun.  We make pizza at home on movie night and I love meeting my friends at the little pizza shop in town.

What would you say is your biggest quirk?

Hmmm…after what’s been happening to me I would have to say curiosity.  Dad says I ask too many questions.  Ya know, the funny thing is when he says that Mom just smiles.  Since I started traveling I need to learn as much as I can to be prepared when I travel again.

What is it about your antagonist that irks you the most, and why?

Oh that one’s easy!  There’s always more than one and they’re so stupid.  What is wrong with people that they have to be bad?  They’re mean, they’re greedy, and they’re selfish. 

What or who means the most to you in your life? What, if anything, would you do to keep him/her/it in your life?

My family (except for Adam).  I know I have to grow up and leave home someday but I don’t like to think about it.  Leaving my family when I travel has made me appreciate them more.  I've been in some pretty tough spots so I think I could do just about anything to save my family.  It’s a challenge to out-think the bad guys and one I plan to get better and better at.

What one thing would you like readers to know about you that may not be spelled out in the book in which you inhabit?

I play the piano pretty well.

If you could tell your writer (creator) anything about yourself that might turn the direction of the plot, what would it be?

Well, I wouldn't mind having a great boyfriend…hello, are you listening?  She doesn't pay attention to me but I’ll keep working on her.

Ask me any question. I've always wanted to know what a character thinks about writers like myself. I'll answer the question at the end of this interview.

What do you like best about writing?

My favorite part? The dialogue between characters. It's as if they come to life right when they start speaking and I have to type pretty fast to get all of their words in :) Thanks for asking.

Thank you, Emerson!

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