Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Writing by Heart

This subject continues to come up for me, sometimes when I least expect it to.

Today, as I was traveling to the bank I thought about all of the necessary tasks I must do on a given day, or at least, on a given week in order to stay caught up. Washing clothes seems endless, and the bathrooms are needing me again this week. But with all of the household chores comes writing.

And especially with writing, the duty should never turn into a much needed task, but rather as a much need trek into the heart. Sure, there is a time for editing, but there is a great period of time for writing. And unless you're writing some sort of technical book, expect that your best writing will come when it comes from the heart.

So, here's a little nudge for you today - especially if you're stuck in your head thinking about all the 'stuff' you need to get done.

Today, follow your heart.



  1. Writing has become such an important part of my day that when I can't get to it due to all of the other demands of life, I feel frustrated. And that frustration increases with each day that I can't sit down and get words on paper or on the computer.

  2. Robin, Thank you for your comments. I never feel quite the same on a given day if I haven't made time to write.


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