Thursday, August 12, 2021

3 Resources for Book Bloggers

You've hit a brick wall. Not literally, but it feels the same. Maybe you've written for over ten years. Perhaps you're a beginner with no logical way to start out. You need some ideas, and you need them quick!

Look at a Partial Sentence or Idea

Great ideas can be found on Jo Linsdell's website. "101 Blog Post Ideas for Book Bloggers." The one I'm using today is #46 [modified]. 

Do you know those spam emails you love to hate? You know the ones. "I have something very shocking to tell you about _______________________________".... "The shrinking class of _____________________" "Hear that?" What? you can't help asking yourself. 

One of these ideas I have used already. Can you guess which one? I have started to make a list of emails that I have to sit on my hands not to open. Take a look at your junk email. What do you find that you can use for your next blog post?

Look Outside the Box

Almost every author posts a chapter of his/her book. How many post deleted scenes? You know the chapter that just didn't work? Or the scene that made you crazy? Share it.

Author interviews are everywhere. But how about character interviews, where your main character is interviewed? I've done some of these on my blog. I was interviewed at A Blue Million Books recently. Guess what sort of interview I got? A Love it or Leave it interview. What's that, you ask? Check it out!

Make them Look with a Book Trailer

Create a book trailer that you share on your blog and social media. Book trailers are a great way to advertise your book! Think of how often you watch movie trailers and you'll get an idea of what I mean. They are simple to do - really! I have used for a few years for my trailers and they've really made a difference in my marketing. 

People don't always make time to read, but they will usually make time to watch a video!

Connecting with readers is a little like taking a walk and smelling the flowers along the way. If you don't stop sometimes and see what's out there, you'll keep doing the same old thing, and missing an opportunity to connect.

Connect today by trying one or more of these ideas. And then...

drop me a line and tell me how it went.


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