Friday, August 6, 2021

The Shrinking Class of Book Readers - What audiobooks can mean for your sales

Are people reading books like they used to?


According to a 2019 Pew Research Center survey, 37% of the population read print books only. And while there are still those who don't read at all [27%] a combined total of 36% [those who read digital books only, and those who are interested in both print and digital]  together the percentage is about the same as those who read only books. Only 1% of those surveyed failed to give an answer.

What does this tell me?

Because fewer and fewer people in the United States are reading, more and more authors are vying for audiobooks in their book marketing plan. 

And why not?

Consider, as an author, being open to 73% of the U.S. population? Even further, consider what the non-readers might do if they decided to pick up a book in a manner of speaking? Would they gravitate to a print book, or would they more than likely choose an audiobook, something they can listen to on that car trip, or boring sit at the doctor's office?

Consider also that two years have passed since this study. How many more do you think are listening vs. reading?

In 2013, I began the audiobook journey with my book, "Conquering Your Goliaths: A Parable of the Five Stones."

Get it at Amazon or Audible

My recent audiobook, "I Walked With Jesus: New Testament Stories of Faith and Healing From the Least of These," will be released hand-in-hand with my print book on January 30 for the first time. I will also have an eBook released, giving me three opportunities to reach readers, whether they read in book format, digital, or listen in audio.

Some of my books, the mysteries primarily, have done better in the audio format than in print.

In a nutshell, the shrinking class of book readers opens the way for me to try new things and to get more people involved in what I love the most - books!

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