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Mandy Eve-Barnett - Her Writing Journey

Today I wanted to focus on a writer who was first introduced to you in 2015. A lot has happened in the world as well as in her life since then. I am reminded of my own writing career, one that began a little hesitantly, and which grew bolder the older I got and the more I was willing to try and take on.

Thank you, Mandy, for sharing your writing journey with us!

 “To write is to create a thousand lives, a multitude of locations, real or imagined, and send your characters on a journey of your own making.”

Quote Mandy Eve-Barnett

Some thoughts on Mandy's first visit to my blog

My First Visit to Kathryn’s blog was back in 2015 when I shared a character interview from a work in progress manuscript, Life in Slake Patch. This story was the result of my first attempt at National Novel Writing Month in 2009, and the most I had written as a new writer, ever. As my first novel-length manuscript, it required revision and editing many, many times over before I eventually published it in 2018. An evolution over nine years, when I grew as a writer and an author, learning my craft, and ultimately resulting in a story I was happy to publish.

Her creativity and imagination

From school age to adulthood, I indulged my creativity in many forms, but for whatever reason did not pursue writing. After immigrating to Canada, later in life, I discovered a local writing group and was immediately hooked on the joy of conjuring up worlds from my imagination. I joined the Writers Foundation of Strathcona County in 2009 and became Secretary in 2010. Over the last 12 years, this group’s members have encouraged and supported me and I am truly blessed to be part of the organization.

What Mandy has been doing since 2015!

Since 2015, I have published six further books, including Life in Slake Patch. I continue to write character-based stories rather than to genre across all age groups. 2016 saw a YA novella, Clickety Click, a reincarnation romance, The Twesome Loop in 2017, complete madness in 2018, when I published not only another YA novella, Creature Hunt on Planet Toaria but also, finally, my speculative fiction, Life in Slake Patch. These were followed by a reader demanded sequel to my medieval fantasy, The Rython Kingdom (2012) entitled Rython Legacy in 2019 and last year, a steampunk novel, The Commodore’s Gift.

What marketing techniques have helped her to sell books?

My marketing has changed over the years from a tentative occasional post as a new writer to my current explosion across social media as my confidence, connections and network has grown. Last year’s pandemic curbed my normal annual attendance to multiple books fairs, events, and readings throughout Alberta and beyond. However, I did manage to attend several virtual events, hosted workshops and presentations, and was a guest panelist as well. I continue to be a writing community advocate hosting author interviews, writing tips, and writing life insights, as well as connecting with readers with excerpts, inspirations, ideas, and Q&A on my blog.

Mandy's writing - what she's learned 

Book 2

Book 1

Apart from the fantasy Rython series, all my books are stand-alone novels. However, last year, while struggling to find a direction for National Novel Writing Month, an almost fully-formed idea of a detective crime trilogy set in Alberta came to mind. As you can imagine, I was excited, but apprehensive, as this would need planning from a notorious panster! My stories normally just flow from mind to fingertip. Always eager to learn, I began researching the methodology and skill required to write a series and proceeded to plan each story, cross-referencing characters, locations, and the villain’s strategy.  I wrote out character descriptions and backstories, researched locations, and police procedures. Watched multiple crime TV series and attended virtual seminars on crime writing. This is the joy of writing, you learn about topics, places, and people you would never normally know anything about.

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