Thursday, September 27, 2012

Do I typically post reviews on my site?

Well, that depends. I have posted my own, but I have never posted a review that I have given to someone else.

But there comes a time for change and you just might be getting the first glimpse. I enjoyed reading Shelby's Plan and it was fun writing up the review.

If you're a romance reader I think you should read it. If you're not, I still think you should read it. I'm not a typical romance reader or writer so it was good for me to step out of the box a bit and read something I usually pass by on the bookshelves.

And now, the review:

Shelby, mother of two, has a plan. After the loss of her husband killed in the line of duty, she decides that she'll never marry a cop again. But after her move to Salt Lake City with her boys, hoping to start anew and begin her studies in nursing, Shelby meets Keith, an undercover cop whose sudden interest travels far beyond a mere friendship in a new city. With time, love blossoms, and Shelby is caught between the love she is beginning to feel for a cop and her own dreams of finishing school and marrying a doctor.

Cops die, and she never wants to go through that experience again.
Michelle Renea Anderson's crisp writing keeps you reading and begging for more.  Expect humor, some touching scenes, and a book filled with love and acceptance.

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