Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Getting Ideas for Your Next Book

I don't know about you, but by the time one book is finished, or nearly finished, I am thinking of book two. And often, my ideas come when I least expect them.

This happened to me recently while at the bank. I was discussing with the bank teller about my new book, "Scrambled," (because I always share my new book with potential readers) and she seemed interested, so I gave her a short synopsis. Looking to the right I noticed an interesting office. The office was decked out with shoes. There was a shoe calendar on the wall behind a desk and a small, red shoe hanging on the hook. There were also pictures of shoes on the walls.

I said to the teller, "Boy, that person sure loves shoes."

"You should see them. She always has on a new pair."

Just then the woman walked by. Sure enough, she was wearing some sparkling red shoes.

That got me to thinking. What about a teenage detective, some amateur teen sleuth that is addicted to shoes. Depending on the mystery, she chooses a different pair for the occasion.

That visit to the bank was incredible. I got an idea for a new series of teen books (that you should be seeing at about the 4th book in the Susan Sleuth series) because I was observant at the bank.

Getting ideas, the best ones anyway, come when you least expect them, or when you're in an environment to receive them.

Another case in point.

I was working through some issues with my mother's divorce and remarriage a few years ago. As a young child, the divorce of my parents hit hard. And one day it occurred to me that if I wrote down my feelings I might be able to work through the trauma. What came later was a fictional novel called, "A River of Stones." In it, the main character, Samantha, must find out who she is  and her place in the world after her mother divorces and re-marries.

The best ideas often come from writing prompts or class assignments. "Scrambled," came from a college assignment.

Getting ideas for your next book doesn't need to create a headache, but a joy. Here's to your next joyful discovery!


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