Saturday, September 8, 2012

Marketing Your Book on a Budget

This is my last day of heavy book promotion for my new book, Scrambled, and I thank everyone for sticking with me. As a thank you I am offering my short Kindle book, "Marketing Your Book on a Budget," for .99 cents.

Yes, this is the standard price, and a really great one I might add. In it you'll find resources for getting book reviews, gaining interviews, getting free advertising and more. It's a short read with links to many of the places I've gone for book promotion and the many great people who have a desire to help budding as well as established authors for FREE.

Remember, much of what you do as an author to promote your work does not have to cost you a penny. Yes, it will cost you some time and some growing experience, but everything in Marketing Your Book on a Budget is either free or very low cost.

Because I am an author too, I realize that authors (as a general rule) need all the help they can get with the funds needed to promote their work, and I can't see paying for something that is generously given out by someone else because he/she cares about writers and their success.

Keep in mind that once you purchase this handy pamplet, you'll want to be on the list for future FREE YEARLY updates. Just follow the instructions at the end of the book.

I thank everyone who has and who continues to be generous with me!




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