Sunday, December 18, 2011

Additional Reading

Additional Reading

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When I read a gospel centered book (or the Ensign) especially one which shares a myriad number of scriptures between lines of the author’s dialogue, I am often tempted to bypass the scriptures listed. Are you?

Isn’t it just easier to read what the author has to say on the matter, or to read the scriptures that are listed, rather than having to locate the references yourself?

When I decided to read and study the Relief Society/Priesthood manual and Sunday school pamphlet with greater dedication, it seemed a monumental task. You mean I have to read everything? Even the “additional readings,” mentioned at the end of each Sunday school lesson group? And what about the questions at the end of every Relief Society lesson? Did I really need to respond to those?


I decided to read the assigned work for the week with as much dedication and zest for learning that I had given all my other scripture study. And why not?

What better way to be prepared for class? To gain even more insight during class because of my preparation? To feel of the spirit with my brothers and sisters? To take home from the two classes even greater insights?

Why wouldn’t I want greater insights anyway?

In just such a lesson I learned about greater insights in relation to the Priesthood of God. Did you know that through and because of the Priesthood we are promised, “greater happiness… peace…rest…(and even) greater knowledge” (See Abraham 1:2)?

Look it up! Begin your preparation for the coming Sabbath day by reading your church lessons. As you do, pray for inspiration; for added instruction of the Lord. Record what you have learned before and after your attendance at church.

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