Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Conference Highlights

Conference Highlights

I am giving you a head start on something I do every conference time—every April and October. It is this. I bring my journal and scriptures downstairs and keep them nearby during the conference session. Previous to bringing them down, I pray that the Lord will help me to know what truths he would have me live for the next six months until the next conference.

During conference, I take notes. I don’t write everything down I hear, rather, I write those thoughts and ideas I find particularly inspired to record. The day following conference, I reflect on the words given to me at conference, and ask for the direction of the Lord once again in refining the list. I usually have a list of about five things the Lord would have me focus on during the coming months.

For example, my list of direction went like this after one October conference:

 1) Oppose evil in every from it may take. Know and act upon the truth.

 2) Bless humanity with an outreach to all. Build bridges.

 3) Live the Lord’s pattern. Discover what it is.

 4) Set your house in order. Pray. Move forward with faith in the living God and his Son.

 5) Act, instead of reacting to circumstances around you.

Since conference will have passed by the time you read this entry, I would ask that you go to the past October conference in the Ensign. This means you would need to check in the November issue for the conference talks. Read over the individual talks, and through the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, highlight as you go. This may take you a few days. Take the time you need. When you are finished, go to the Lord once again and ask him to help you refine your highlighted list.

When the next conference comes in April, you will have already experienced the joy that comes through listening to the Prophet and his servants.

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