Saturday, December 10, 2011

Line upon Line
One of the greatest things we can learn from the scriptures is that we don’t have to learn everything at once.  “Line upon line,” we can receive all that the Lord has waiting for us. 
You may have found as you have read and recorded these last nine days that you needed, even wanted, more than one day to reflect and experience a specific idea.
I hope so. Just as I hope you decide to stay with your thoughts on making journaling a part of your daily life. Take these ideas as slowly or as quickly as you would like. If you’d like to stop here and reflect, even continue with what you have been learning, and dig deeper, please do.

Begin the next segment in January if you’d like, or even later. Search the scriptures as you’ve never searched before. “Come unto Christ.”

Either way, just as you did on the first day of December, I want you to record your testimony. How have you felt through this experience? What have you learned? How and in what ways has your testimony increased line upon line?

Studying the scriptures is a large segment of your journey, but it isn’t the only way to seek Christ. But it is a beginning; a grand beginning.

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