Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Continuing Faithful

Photo by: Charlie Bird, Courtesy of Flickr
Continuing Faithful

It occurs to me that even in studying and pondering we can rush. Look! I did it! I can check this goal off! I’ve studied every day for twenty days! I have pondered just like I was supposed to.

This feeling in our hearts can and should give us a favorable rush. For, after all, we’re doing as we’ve been commanded. We are reading and pondering and becoming better for doing so.

And yet, if we are always rushing, always running to accomplish, where does that leave growth? Where does that leave the whisperings of the spirit? Are we so anxious to check the goal off that we forget the reason we are reading and pondering in the first place?

Sometimes I forget to listen to the promptings of the Lord. During these times I feel empty; I’m not sure what to study. And so I return to my journal entry of the day before, even a week before, and see that I have something yet to learn—something I have left undone. 
Photo by: Horia Varlan, Courtesy of Flickr

Am I clear on that scripture I had questions about? Is there more on the subject the Lord would have me learn at this time in my life? Have I received of his peace in the matter?  

It is helpful to me if I remember the Lord at each closing of studying and pondering. If I call on Him, I know if the subject or question I have had has been completely answered according His desires. For this reason, I make a note at the end of my journal entry, “Continue study of such and such tomorrow,” or “Begin with such and such scripture or thought tomorrow.”

Today, think on what you have been learning. What would the Lord have you do tomorrow?

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