Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Change of Heart

A change of Heart

As I mentioned before, the darkest hour for me is when I’ve known I needed to repent. Reflecting on the scriptures is a beginning for me. It allows my heart to be softened so I can see what I have done, and through the help of the Lord, change my behavior.

Because most change doesn’t happen overnight for me, I realize I need to go to the Lord daily for help.

I remember a particular time in my life with my young daughter. She was struggling with her temper and so was I. When she would yell, I would yell back. We accomplished nothing more than a fighting match. She’d go away crying and I would feel guilty.

And then one day, the spirit spoke to my heart. “The next time she has a problem I want you to sit her on your lap and tell her how much you love her.”

What of your change of heart?
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The following day there was a problem. She began to yell at me. Instead of yelling back I went to her and without an angry thought in my mind, picked her up, and placed her on my lap.

I held her and whispered my love. In only moments she’d calmed down.

Since that time I haven’t always remembered the Lord’s counsel; to my detriment. I have needed to go to the Lord for cleansing for this and other reasons.

I used to call these reasons, repeat courses, but now I consider them to be more like an onion with layers that must be peeled and discarded before the desire to sin is gone.

Photo by: mi55er, Courtesy of Flickr
I rarely yell anymore, but I carry hurtful thoughts in my heart that I know I must let go of. If I get frustrated, it is far better to excuse myself and go into the next room for a moment of thoughtful prayer than to think I can handle the situation alone.

Today, record an experience you have had with sin and how you have overcome, or are striving to overcome. How might you have a change of heart?

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