Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Spend some Time in the Mountains

December 21

Spend some Time in the Mountains

This may or may not be a good day for you to spend time in the mountains, but if you can get up there, do it.
Photo by: Andy Arthur, Courtesy of Flickr
If you can't travel to your nearest mountain range, spend some time thinking about your feelings of the mountains, or peering out your window as you record your thoughts.

Often, the best thing we can do before we pull out our scriptures is to record our feelings about what God has created for us. The sky. The trees. The houses lit up in snowy lanes.

Maybe you live in an area where you don't get snow even in the higher elevations. If this is the case with you, study the photo included in this blog; do some thinking about what it means to you to be outside when trees are fluffy with white and streets are slick with ice. Imagine the snow falling, and opening your mouth to catch and to taste.

Write for at least 15 minutes. After you have written, do some scripture study about a word or a phrase that strikes you as especially poignant.

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