Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Topical Guide

Christ is the Bread of Life
He is also the Breath of Life

The Topical Guide
Quite often, words in the scriptures take on duel meanings; they also, when spelled just a little differently, help us to understand with greater depth what the Lord is teaching us.

For example, in your topical guide, (if you have the LDS King James version of the Bible) you will find two such words listed almost back-to-back in-between the heading, “Saviors on Mount Zion.” The two words are, “Savior,” and “Savor.”

 Open your scriptures to these words.

What does it mean to savor something? In the Bible there is much mention of “savor” in “offerings made by fire.” And we know the Savior gave himself as an offering and sacrifice for sin. What comes to your mind now as you think on these two words and how they correlate? Record your thoughts. What about the words listed in-between the two?
Some additional words I have studied:

Red; Redeemer

Communication; Communion

Bread of Life; Breath of Life

Counsel; Counselor

Inhabit; Inherit

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