Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual Gifts

I have a friend who sings much better than she cleans house. Singing is her talent, cleaning, as yet, is not. Does that mean cleaning will never be? Does that mean she must wander through life singing in-between stacks of clothes and a dirty kitchen floor?

The Lord has given us talents for a reason, and the reason is not that we will look better in an area than someone else. It isn’t even so that we can compare our worst feature to someone’s best. It is so we can work through our weaknesses by using our strengths.

Our Talents, or spiritual gifts, (see “Gift,” in the Topical Guide) allows us to walk through the grime in our life with greater confidence. Not the shallow confidence of the world, but the spiritual confidence of angels who seek a greater cause. Let me show you what I mean.

If you will go to your Patriarchal Blessing you will see gifts mentioned there. You will also see warnings and things to watch for in your life. In your journal, record the gifts mentioned. Underneath this list, record the cautions, and weaknesses. How can each of your spiritual gifts help you with the warnings mentioned? Record your feelings.

The next time you struggle with a weakness, or you have been warned of danger, or you have been counseled in one way or another to do better, think about your list and the strengths that have been given to you of the Lord so that you may accomplish all he has in store for you.


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