Monday, December 26, 2011

Environment and Hearing


Environment and Hearing

Life is full of changing interruption. The phone rings. Someone knocks at the door. The children are crying. Someone needs you to find his or her shoes.

Like talking on the phone, I am sometimes interrupted by life while spending time with the Lord. Sometimes I have been angry, the surest and greatest reason for the spirit to leave--and promptly. I have been frustrated as I’ve picked up the phone or answered the door. For this reason, sometimes I haven’t picked up the phone or answered the door.

Photo by: Klearchos Kapousis

But there is a difference between being interrupted and allowing the Lord to speak through you even while you are comforting a child or finding his shoes. Perhaps through the interruption, the Lord is showing you an even greater lesson—a lesson of application—a lesson of love.

The most precious experiences I have had with the Lord have been those he has directed. “So, I’m supposed to stop for a moment. Ok. You want me to take that phone call. All right. You’ll see me tomorrow? Sure.”

It is easy to get uptight about ‘our’ program, but as my mother said just today as she seemingly interrupted my study, it isn’t ‘our’ program in the first place. The program is the Lords.

And because the program is not ours, it is much easier to let go of the struggle and allow him to teach us. Our Savior teaches us not only through his word but also through the words of his children. He teaches us through His voice, and the voice of others. The Lord teaches us in many ways, not the least of these are His teachings of environment and how we respond to it.

Along with the environment felt by us because of those around us, we feel of his spirit and direction through art that draws our hearts to Him as well as places that allow us to be as quiet as possible so
that we can hear Him.

Photo by: Robert Snache -

My favorite place is my bedroom, my place of writing my bed. Keeping my bedroom clean is important to me—and not just because I’m worried that someone will come over and see it in that condition—but because a clean room is one of my greatest connections to God. It’s in this clean room where I speak with Him.

Through the years I have lived in this particular house, I have gathered and hung framed pictures of the Savior and various other pieces of art to help me in my focus. I am amazed at how this desire has allowed the spirit to frequent my room more readily. The peace is great there.

Today, be ready to allow the Lord to lead you. Prepare your place of prayer, if you haven’t done so already. Record your experience.

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